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We focus on our client’s needs to establish a relationship with him/her that allows us to get involved personally with the reality of his/her business in order to find the best operational solutions.

Our Firm

Our Firm

The Studio Rossi-Gerosa was founded thanks to the friendship in early years between Enrico Rossi and Marco Gerosa, who then, over the years, attended the same university course, concluded with the degree in Economics and Business.

After the training period and the consequent enrolment in the Register of Certified Public Accountants and after significant individual experiences, in 2001 they founded the associated firm, sharing the values of experience, quality of service and deep knowledge of the client and of his/her needs that are today at the base of the work of the Studio Rossi-Gerosa.

The same education and the same values are shared by Raffaella Neri and Federico Rossi, who have recently joined the Studio Rossi-Gerosa.

All members working in the Studio Rossi-Gerosa are Chartered Accountants and Auditors.